how it

all started

Team Tortoise Racing was established in 1993 by a group of Off-Road racers that shared an extreme passion for the sport. Team Tortoise was the name chosen as a play on words as all the founders were  A or AA caliber racers. We had all been introduced to dirt bikes by our families, camping and trail riding in the mountains of Washington back in the mid 1970’s. As we all grew older and turned to competitive riding, things progressed and the addiction to dirt bikes was unshakable.  All the original Team Tortoise members at some point, were able to race some of the biggest events across the U.S., with 5 members eventually participating in multiple 6-Day ISDE’s. 

The first 6 years of races would all be held at the infamous Reiter Pit in Gold Bar, WA. Now-adays some may consider some of those races as “Extreme Enduro”, like many of the off-road races in our area.  As years past, we changed up venues and started adding races each year. The courses were designed to accommodate a wider range of ability level. Traction started to gain and we knew we were on the right path.

In 2014 the NORCS series was born.  Now Team Tortoise is compiled of some of the best life-long friends and families that are committed to constantly making adjustments to the series to ensure the racers and their families will have the best race day experience possible.